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You are on the right way if you are interested in such topics as economic expansion, export –import, and launch of own business operations in Turkey or Middle East and North Africa.

We offer our services for companies and business people seeking first-class business representation in Turkey, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Our services will benefit you mainly two ways:

  1. You will have immediate access to a well-developed local business network and sometimes to key decision makers.
  2. You will have a Professional team on the ground that has the experience and the know-how required to keep you better informed and help you succeed.

Sure, we could not highlight all issues in details. Our website covers key information for you to be able to make a correct decision and understand what you need and how we can help you.

Please lay down a specific task for us and address to our head office in Turkey or our business partners offices in Middle East to get a solution.

Good luck! We’re always by your side.

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